[IHQ BFD Official Announcement] 2018 Blessing Ceremony
[International Standards] Added Q&A
[International Matching Website] BFMatch.org was re-opened
[Parents’ Matching Convocation] 25 – 27 May, Bad Camberg, Europe
[BFD Director’s Message] International Matching Website
[Official Announcement] Latin America Region Personnel Change
[International Matching Website] Combining Process
[Official Announcement] Regarding the International Matching website
[Added Q&A] New question added to the Q&A section in the Spirit World Blessing
Update [IHQ BFD Official Announcement] Blessing Prayer Authorization
[Matching Convocation for 1st generation] Asia-Pacific region – Regional 1st Generation Matching Meeting, April 22
[Parents Convocation] Asia-Pacific region – 7th Parents Matching Convocation, April 28-29
[Parents’ Convocation] Latin America-6th Parents Matching Convocation, March 30–April 1
[IHQ BFD Conference] Program for the 2018 BFD International Conference
[February Events] Schedule for the events Commemorating True Parents’ Birthday and the 5th Anniversary of Foundation Day
[IHQ BFD Conference] BFD Conference for those going to Korea
[Amendments in the International Standards]
[Survey] Regional BFD Work Environment and Situation Survey
[Official Announcement] World Mission Strategy Center Conference in February CANCELED
[IHQ BFD Official Anounncement] World Mission Strategy Center in February 2018
[Survey] Performance Assessment of the Regional BFD in 2017
[IHQ BFD Intranet] Use of Intranet (edited version)
[IHQ BFD Official Announcement] Comfort Blessing (edited version)
[Video Conference] Blessed Family Department Regional Directors Video Conference Proposal
[IHQ BFD Official Announcement] 2016-2017 Special Grace
[IHQ BFD] Director’s Message