20181231-274-Schedule of Major Events during the 2019 TP Birthday
20181231-273 CP January 2 day WS
20181224-268-CP 2019 Year Schedule
20181220-262-2019 Special Workshop for HTM
20181219-261-Certification Process for HTM Hall
20181023-231-120 Day WS
20181023-230-Personnel Appointment of CP Branch Presidents
20181005-218-Personnel Appointments
20180816-194-Blessing participation fee
20180730-177-Preparation for Blessing
20180725-170-Recommendation of Representative Couples
20180705-147-How to request Invitation letter (2018 Blessing Ceremony)
20180629-144-International Completion Standard for HTM

20180629-142-Schedule of Major Events during the 2018 HJ Blessing
20180629-141-Outline for the 2018 Hyojeong Cosmic Blessing Ceremony
20180627-138-Opening of the Blessing Statistics Website for the ‘2018 Hyojeong Cosmic Blessing Ceremony Officiated by the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind’ and Data Input
20180621-132-2018 Blessing of Unmarried Spirits
20180618-127-Requesting the Appointment of an IT Officer for Each Regional Group
20180531-116-Appointment of the Three Directors
20180326-068-Blessed Family Department Intranet
20180318-060-2018 SWPW Blessing
2018-050 Information Concerning the Spirit World and Physical World Matching Workshops in 2018
2018-036 Announcement Regarding ‘True Parents’ Special Hyo Jeong Family Award’ 
20180108-005 Restructuring and Reassignment – (Japan)
20171225-207-Restructuring & Personnel Changes – (USA)
20171221-204-Restructuring & Personnel Changes (한국협회)
20180116-016-Commemorative Events for True Parents’ Birthday
20171012-172-Blessing Donations for the 2017 HJ Cosmic Blessing
20171011-169-CIG Registration Blessing Data Request
20170825-150-Guidelines for CIG Registration Blessing Ceremony
20170822-144-Participation Fees for the 2017Cosmic Blessing
20170726-115-Personnel Changes
20170724-113-2017 Hyojeong Cheonwon Pilgrimage
20170630-95-2017 Administrative Matters for 2017 Cosmic Blessing Ceremony
20170630-96-How to request Invitation letter (2017 Blessing Ceremony)
20170419-33-International Matching Website for Blessed Children
20170411-30-Establishing Target Number of Blessing Candidates
20170406-29-CP SW PW Blessing
20170329-25 Schedule for the 2017 Cosmic Blessing Ceremony
20161229-121-Special Grace Period Extension
20160909-90-Rescheduling of the 2017 Cosmic Blessing
20160627-60-Special Grace Donation
20160512-45-Special Grace
20150311-25-Global Standard for Victory as Heavenly Tribal Messiahs
20121115-138-Blessing Prayer